I am looking at buying a used car and this one is in my price range.
What does the pit think about this car's appearance and such?

PT Cruiser

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In 2000, FTW.
In 2008, FTL.
Way late on that trend, buddy.



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PT Crapper? FTL.

It is the most fail car ever. With a few exceptions.
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all of the old people i know have them

its a grandparent car.

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Almost $9000 for a 7 year old PT Cruiser! Are you out of your mind. There are a plethora (extended vocabulary FTW) of other vehicles that are much better and maybe even a year or two newer that you could get for $8900.
Be cool.

PTLoser = car for rich people who want to remember the early-mid 60s.

-Edit- Get a Honda Civic or Accord. Those things are damn near indestructable.
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I love Cruisers, they're awesome cars.

However, I hate that color on it.

Also, 8,900 for 2001? Psh, what a gyp. I could get an 03' with only 70,000 miles on it for 2,400, maybe less.

Since that price is outrageous and the color is kinda despicable, I say FTL on this particular one.

Find a different one that doesn't cost so much.
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They're ugly. You can surely get a better car AND a better looking car for 9 grand.