ok so im working on a 1970 les paul project and im looking for a neck to put on it but none of the necks are the right color so i want to paint one the right color to match. problem is i dont know how to go around doing that.

so does anybody know a good way to strip down a neck paint and prep it for paint and/or how to just prep a neck for paint that is not painted.

i won a game of bingo so i have some money to buy a warmoth custom made neck to put on so i can just prep it and paint it the right way.

ok well thanks for the help.
I'm pretty sure warmoth will do custom colour, but if not..

To remove paint: sand with 220, then with 400.

The put paint on: Apply sanding sealer, primer, colour, (wetsand with 600 every 2 coats, lightly), clear coat (wetsand with 600 every 2 coats, lightly) until the last 2 coats, then sand with 600, 800, 1200, 2000, and buff to a mirror shine.
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