Yesterday, in a pawn shop, I happened to play a Warwick Fortress Flashback. The thing knocked me on my ass so hard. If I had the money I would have bought it; sadly, I didn't, and since these babies aren't made anymore I don't know if I'll cross paths with one again. Instead of pining for an entire new instrument, I've decided to look into improving my current baby.

I own a Spector Legend 4 Custom - all hardware on it is stock. What can I do to knock it up a notch, give it that extra hard thump that is missing? A few thoughts - bigger bridge, different pickups (currently has EMG-SSD passive humbuckers and an active Spector TonePump Jr. pre-amp). I'm not really sure where to go for a better bridge... Spector owners, any thoughts? Anybody, any thoughts? as far as pickups go, I really liked to sound of that Warwick's lipstick pickups. Would adding them be an "upgrade?"

One thought is this: from time to time people sell Spector tone pumps on eBay. Could I add an additional pump to give my bass that much more balls?

I'm sorry if this is vague. I've never delved into this before, and am just looking for some useful suggestion from folks who have.
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