The "*" in tabs is a pinched harmonic. What they did is a natural harmonic. That is not a "scream" by any means.
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Natural Harmonics. rest your finger lightly over the fret and pick it and lift off your finger at the same time.
thats called a natural harmonic. hold your finger above the string, just barely touching, on either the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th *same as 4th* 12th and others and strum that string to make a natural harmonic. once you do it you'll understand, its sort of confusing at first.
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Slightly rest your fingers above the fret bar and pluck the string. It has to be slightly tho, not like muting, and above the fret bar. Some frets work better then others(3,5,7,9,12). Try out 12 on first 3 strings, they are the easiest.

It's really simple once you understand. Pinch harmonics on the other hand, can be fairly harder.
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