This is a song I wrote today for the band I'm in. Its a rough draft kinda thing, and its the only set of lyrics I've ever written, so don't be too tough on me. Its a thrash metal song with comparable vocals to early Metallica and maybe Slayer, depending on how our singer does it. Also, while I'm here, we're still kicking around ideas for a band name. What do you guys think of The Shotgun Approach?

Judge, Jury and Executioner

You’ve had your chance,
Redemption lost
Now its time to pay
Destroyed the innocent,
Raped the weak,
Your judgment day is now

And executioner
The verdict is in
You’ve lost your opportunity
Now’s your time to pay for sins
Your end is here

On the ground,
Eyes squeezed tight,
Your last words pathetic
No chance for mercy now,
You’ve earned your time
Death is your only freedom

And executioner
The verdict is in
Death awaits
You’ve fallen from grace
Now its time to die

Blood runs cold
Fists clench tight
You know its over now
With his gun raised
He delivers his sentence
And you pay for your crimes

And executioner
The trial is ended
Vigilante justice reigns
Clearing away the stains
Of our social order

The deed is done
A blemish cleansed
Civilization rests at ease
As night falls,
Its over now
And the city sleeps
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