I'm tired. summary: someones buying me a new guitar, I want an LP

what I need:
- Has a thin neck like super thin I have huge hands but because I'm double jointed and my wrist is ****ed up I can't stand playing with a thick neck.
- Has to be available in tobacco burst or as a goldtop
- Has amazing stock pick ups, I don't plan on switching them out
until I'm forced too

I play rock (think slash) and blues(bb king vibrato oh baby)

also your opinions on pick guard or no pick guard?

and in a few weeks I'll have around $600 for a new amp. It has to be small though. I travel (by plane) a lot and if its a tube it has to be something that I can take the tubes out of when traveling. Again I like playing blues and rock. lots of pentatonic stuff, I'd like to be able to get something similar to an angus young tone.

cost is unimportant when it comes to the guitar
$600 is max for the amp

thx for the help in advance
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Well LP fits everything minus the thin neck. The necks are FAT.
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Quote by sacamano79
Well LP fits everything minus the thin neck. The necks are FAT.

I know for a fact that some LPs have thin necks.

also about the Slash sig, aren't those limited? I might get lucky and find one but I thought there were only 1600 made
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yea i dont know any les pauls with thin necks...... but everything else fits. for the amp..... well if you're traveling a lot then you need something on the smaller side. i'd go with the Fender G-DEC 30. its really cool because you get a ton of presets and its small and most of all, it sounds great (my friend has it) it's listed at $369.99 on guitarcenter.com
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tru it is limited but ive seen it in person at guitar center they sell it exclusively. its mad nice. i would definitely pick one up slash is god.

slash is pretty good lol

Ok so if I'm not lucky enough to get a slash sig (I doubt I will, I'm in Canada) any thoughts on what else I have to choose from?

According to mylespaul the vintage 60s reissue has a nice slime neck, does anyone know if thats available as a goldtop or a dark burst? any has anyone played one? what are the pickups like?
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you just perfectly described the bursty finished ec-1000
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Les Paul necks vary. I have big hands so I've always liked the bigger 50's style neck. Studio's and Les Paul Standard Premium Plus have the bigger necks. Most Standards have both styles 60's slim neck or 50's. Classic's have 60's neck. Customs also had both but it depended on the year. Try both.
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Thanks for the link

everyone else thanks for your help, I'll go in tomorrow and try a few out and see what fits.

So pick guard or no pick guard? I think they're both sexy, and I won't be able to decide myself. I'll try and stick a poll up.

edit: no poll, i fail
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Also any second opinions on the amp? Is the Fender G-Dec 30 something I should keep in mind? or is there anything better out there around the same size within the price range?
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Spend the money for a really good amp instead of an LP. Not even a LP can make a cheap amp sound good.
Hey sorry if this is a little bit of thread-jacking but i'm interested in buying some SD alnico II pros' for slash's sound mainly but how would they do when I play other types of music like foo fighters, the hives, billy talent etc?
Sorry if its the wrong thread to post on but no other comparable ones are running at the moment
Cheers for any enlightenment

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