Im looking for some Beginner to intermediate level songs to learn to play on guitar that are fun to play. My idea of fun to play so far is Stairway to heaven, sweet child of mine, and the solo from comfortably numb. I would also like to find some more fun tapping songs like thunderstruck. Can anyone help me out?
Play Freebird!!!
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Thunderstruck isn't tapping, it's just hammer ons and pull-offs. If you want tapping, try learning Crazy Train. Fun song to play!
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thunderstruck ain't suppose to be tapping but I think I know what you mean...try some Black Sabbath and more Led Zeppelin solos
nice concept of "begginer" tabs!
try another day from dream theater, fun as hell
oh and ending credits from opeth
... one more, fade to black from metallica
Thanks, maybe thunderstruck isnt tapping but i think you get what I mean. Ill look into those tabs, dont think ill be trying freebird though, as I never did like that song. Thanks alot, this is really helpful. please keep em coming

Also forgot to mention, I found the beginning of Valley of the damned (Dragonforce) very fun to play as well. I like little riffs that are a little tricky to get at first, but that sound awesome when you get them.
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Mistreated by Deep Purple, Burn by Deep Purple (although that has some crazy fast things in it) and Riff Rafff by AC/DC (which is a lot harder than it sounds).
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I'm gonna go with some British delights:
Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm
Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down
Maximo Park - Books From Boxes
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I find that a lot of Rage Against the Machine songs are really fun to play. They have pretty simple but powerful riffs, don't take long to learn, and you can just crank it up and have a good time. I suggest Know Your Enemy / Bombtrack / Maggie's Farm to start
the benny hill theme or sailors hornpipe, guaranteed to annoy people
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back in black is always fun to play ....... crazy train is also fun to play u should try those both preety easy i find at least
Do a Youtube search for Street Fighter themes on guitar. The Guile theme is amazing.
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nice concept of "begginer" tabs!
try another day from dream theater, fun as hell
oh and ending credits from opeth
... one more, fade to black from metallica

I second fade to black. It's a lot of fun to play.
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