I'm looking for a pedal capable of heavy rhythm distortion along the lines of Lamb of God or Slayer. What would you recommend?
amp? guitar? other gear? budget?
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I don't even know what my amp is really... It's just this $400 thing I got at a flea market. I have a Gibson SG with humbuckers and my budget is about $150.
From my experience, distortion pedals especially in your budget aren't worth it. I currently have a metal muff that im trying to sell. It just doesn't compare to an OD boosting a tube amp. Low budget distortion pedals IMO are just very sterile, grainy, and unnatural. Is there a name on your amp? You might have a treasure there and not know it.
Well my flea market amp is an Eleca...Not tube. I also have a really cheap Crate amp.
Anyway, amp's aren't really a problem as the recording studio I'm going to record a with my my band has a Marshall JVM half-stack. So what pedal could I best use with that amp to get heavy distortion?