As the Title states i have trouble writing music but not in the conventional "cant come up with a good riff way" but more like the "i get stuck using the same notes over and over again" way.....
my writing method(if you want to know) is like this...
1. Start fiddling with some scales(i play alot of deathmetal/grindcore((note))
2. get a good riff goin
3.get a good second riff going, usually matches the mood
4.try for a 3rd.... fail

my reasoning says that using similar notes for the 1st&2nd are ok, but staying in the same position for the third is BAD
thanks to this little 'law' of mine i cant jump that third hurtle and im stuck with incomplete crap... please help me, ive been trying to get through this for about 3 weeks now.(i finally recognized my problem three weeks ago). this really sucks because day and night for the past year ive been working on my technique and ive got it up, sweeping, tremelo picking, theory, im just stuck at this tiny little brick WALL.
Don't always try and keep the same mood going sometimes changes are really good

and try to think outside the box don't try and stay in a certain scale follow your instinct