I decided to post this here since I've seen a few people asking about delays recently.

So I ordered a memory man delay with hazarai on a whim, and it worked out. It sounds pretty good, and it's really versatile. I'm having fun messing around with it, and it just helped me finish a bridge in a song I'm writing It's a cool pedal, and great that it's stereo. I'm the only guitarist in the band I'm setting up, so it's great to be able to run it with two amps, and its good to wetten up my signal a bit. ANYWHO here's the pics:

Wow, amazing set up. I can't wait to play through the Double Recto at College!
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Okay, I've always wondered this...What is "Hazarai"? What does it do?

Hazarai means all the good stuff in Yiddish roughly, apparently. That knob scrolls through delay modes and if you hold it down it saves your preset for that mode.
Dual rec, sorry. Yep, they have a Dual Rectifier head running through a Marshall cab (labeled 1960), and a few JVM combos.
Definately :p

They're the best College for music in Tassie. They also have a few Fender Strats (Mexican), and about 20 amazing steel string acoustics - compared to my current high schools inventory of 2 Squier strats, a few no brand ones, and the only decent guitar - a Yamaha RGX112 - has the action set so low it buzzes terribly.

I'm not allowed to set them up, either.

They have about 30 nylon strings, no one plays them though.
hahaha my school has nothing guitar related....

also, congrats on the purchase. i was thinking of getting one, but im still not sure. part of me likes my me-50 enough to just keep it. the other part of me wants to sell it and buy a delay/noise gate/overdrive/chorus

im still paying off my head right now so i probably wont worry about it until thats settled.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
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Really, yiddish?

Always looked Japanese to me.

I too thought so, but with Yiddish, you never know=)

So, the pedal is cool?