Hey guys, I've been playing guitar for a year and I'm looking to explore the world of bass guitar now. I'm a lefty, and I have two guitars in mind

Both Ibanez:




Theyre both around 300 so the price doesn't matter. I was wondering if someone would be so kind to explain to me what are the main differences as far as features go with these two guitars. What would benefit me more? ( I mainly enjoy fast licks and I play mostly metal, but I would like to explore jazz and such)

And, if anyone can recommend a good amp at around 200-300 dollars for metal as well to go with the guitar.

Thanks in advance UG
The SR300 has better pickups and is made of better wood to start with, and I'm pretty sure the neck would feel better (to me anyway)
The SR300L would probably be better, as the GSR is in their Gio line, which is their sucky budget line.
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made of better wood

They're both Agathis and Rosewood.