was youtube just bought by a UK company?? i just went to go to the site and it sent me to http://uk.youtube.com. also its in the address of videos on my favs so is this legit?

whats the deal? anyone else get this?
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... No.

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It's still www.youtube.com for me in my address bar, so I will assume that it is not. That is just the UK version of youtube is, is it not? I mean, a bunch of countries seem to have their own "tags" infront of the youtube domain name.
im 100% sure it was not like this like 5 hours ago. im waiting for a news announcement or something
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if you live in the uk it will do that automaticly i guess

also if your account country's set to uk

edit: when i go with internet explorer it automaticly types youtube.ca

except with opera internet browser because iono, cookies, internet files and ****

edit 2: woops, no it was because i was on my bro's account in internet explorer and it's set to .ca
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maybe it's your youtube account.

Try logging off, deleting all your browser cache/temporary files and go back on youtube

the last thing i could think of is your ip address beeing from uk. maybe you have a proxy or i dont know
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Click this button to change it from UK to AU or US or wherever the hell you live.

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