I searched for a thread but came apon nothing so I'll ask. Is the Micro Cube RX really worth the $100 compared to the regular Micro Cube? Does it play much louder than the normal micro cube and does it have a fuller tone? I want to know if I'm going to see that big of a difference in sound quality and loudness. Are the extra features in the RX worth the extra $100? I'm just looking for a good cheap, battery powered amp that i can take everywhere. I dont really want to fork out the extra cash for thr RX if its not really worth it.

Oh and one last thing. I've heard the micro cubes will end up cutting out after a year or so. I've also expirienced this with one at my local store. Is it a big deal?

Ok just making sure it doesnt happen to em all. And $125 for a solid portable amp does seem like a good deal.

Still open to anyone elses thoughts....
Never heard of the RX version, but the regular one, in my opinion is one of the best solid state practice amps on the market.
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Ok cool. Looks like I'll just stick to the regular version. I go camping with a trailer alot and need it to jam on without lugging crap around.

I was talking about the normal micro cube compared to the mirco cube rx......if you're talking to me.