okay, so a while back, I got a guitar kit that you put together yourself. When I put it all together, the volume knob was weird. the volume is off when it's at zero, but if you turn it to let's say 2, it sounds like it's at 10. Basically, it behaves like a kill switch, sort of. No real volume control. I have a feeling i messed up some wiring with the pickups or something. How do I get it to work like a regular volume knob?
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well the tone knob works fine. would it do that if I had?
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buy a new pot. they're cheap, and chances are the one you have is crap anyway. probably wouldn't matter, except that it doesn't work right.
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Lots of volume pots on guitars are this way. They dont do much except at one end of the knob or the other. Get a better pot.
You probably got a linear pot (type A pot). You should use logarithmic (audio/type B) pots for volume, and linears for tone. Sounds like you used the wrong pots. Pots are only about $2.50 each, just get a new one.
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