Hi, I'm looking for a band that is around my age (15) or people around my age living in Melbourne Australia.

Wouldnt mind to try out some pure classic rock or something like a Pink Floydish/ art rock/ progressive rock band and hell i would even settle for metal.

I actually wouldnt mind to play a bit of everything .

Ive been playing guitar for 2 and a half years, i played in a duo playing some light shred stuff with a good friend but thats about it.

My Rig is pretty weak and simple at the moment:

Fender stratocaster '62 Mexican reissue
Through a Zoom GFX-3
In to a Orange Crush but I do have a 55 watt no name brand which works quite well.

Please email me at fazzar_Foley@Hotmail.com if you can help me out.

Wouldnt mind to start a band aswell