I've been looking for an amp that sounds great but is quiet enough for the house, because thats the only place I play; and I found this:


It has the tone I want and obviously the price, but theres no reviews, and no demo's on youtube, just people playing solos. So I need feedback before getting this amp to make sure its good.
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I haven't heard, or played it. But when I think of the word "Valvetronix" I think of the negative comments that usually follow it.
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Really, I thought vt got a good rap around this forum, and if I'm wrong... *whips out huge flame shield*
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Money doesn't fuel good music. Passion does.

If you like it then it's good. Thats all there is to it. Tone is just a matter of opinion. Solid state, hybrid or tube. I mean dimebag liked solid state.... a lot of people hate solid state. Whatever you like don't worry about anyone else. I think the valvetronix amps are really good practice amps. Although I wouldn't use one on stage.
the XL series are pretty muddy and horrible - the standard Valvetronix's are very good however.
Judging by the fact you chose the XL version, I assume you're into metal & high gain music? I'd choose a Roland cube instead.
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I've played one and it's a decent amp, though I preferred the 30w version myself. The amp offers good models that have a genuine valve warmth to them. The XL version certainly does high gain better than the standard valvetronix range but they are still a little limited. Personally, instead of spending $170 on the Vox, I'd rather spend $175 on a Roland Cube 20X. I've tried both and while the Cube doesn't have the real valve warmth of the Vox, overall it's a much better amp for your money. The build quality is better, the effects are better and there is more variety on offer. For the money, I was reasonably impressed with the Vox but totally stunned by the Cube, it really is a fantastic amp for the money and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.
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I think the cube is alot better also.
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