I'm thinking of buying a Boss RC-2 Loop Pedal, but I have a big question. I heard that you would have to plug in a distortion pedal before the loop if you want the recording distorted. Well, unfortunately, I don't have a dist. pedal, cos I use the distortion channels on my Vox AD30vt.
But I have a theory. So I play on the distorted channel on my amp. Then, I want to record a clean riff on the loop pedal, so I turn my pickup's volume knob to 1, which should make the guitar sound clean. Voila, the sound is clean. Now I want to play a solo distorted and make the pickup's volume back to 10, and the sound is distorted, with my recording still clean.
Would my theory work?
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It would work but the solo would be way louder than the riff.
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It would work but the solo would be way louder than the riff.

What he said.

The amp doesn't happen to have an effects loop, does it?
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^ What he said.

If the amp has an effects loop, then it'll work.