Hide the pets (yes, hide them) and call the neighbors!
It is the 31st of the month and, thats right, that means it's time again for...
The WOTM Nomination Thread!

Please put forward users for nominations while adhering to the following rules:

1. Recommended users must have at least 3 pieces posted in July.
2. Users must receive 2 recommendations to be nominated.
3. SomeoneYouKnew cannot be nominated this month as he's too friggen cool for WOTM.
4. Beware the ghosts, but do not fear them, they live off of fear.
6. Only one nominee per person nominating.
7. Yes, these rules are directly copied from the *WotM October Nomination Thread* !

-Matt Chavie
-#1 Synth

-#1 Synth
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oh, really? sorry about that Carmel .

I just recall Steve saying "It's ok. I usually get to it on the first of each month, failing that it's open for anyone to run it. Just copy and paste the rules." So I took it that the 31st was close enough to the 1st and we mine as well get a jump on it. Again sorry, won't happen again, i really didnt mean to do anything out of line.

/me steps back in line.
a) It's not the 1st of the month.

b) We do updates every Sunday.

c) I have no problem with you doing it, but it still needs to be stuck and a mod needs to be subscribed to the thread so they can follow this.

Like I said, just PM me next time, especially if you decided to jump in early.
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i'll 2nd Carmel.
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secret, aaaaagent maaan.
secret, aaaaagent maaan.
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i can see him winning one of these soon. might as well get his name on the ballot this time.
reading him again will be a pleasure.

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Alright people, nominations end tonight (In about 6 hours from this post). All those nominated please post the pieces you want displayed.
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