like every metal fan (i think) i need to find some pick ups that can scream...i heard that bill lawrnece pick ups do the trick.
can anyone give me some advice........i have never tried them . has anyone got experience with them?
and comparing the seymour duncs blackouts and emg actives - which is the better?

personally , i find dimarzios amazing. but i need to find a new "kick"
find some stats on pickups... anything with 17k or higher will give you a scream... research
Bare Knuckle pickups are incredible. The Miracle Man is probably the nearest to an EMG but I think you may really like the Warpig, which is a very powerful pickup. Email Tim at the company and tell him your rig and musical style and he'll advise you best on the one that suits your needs best.
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more dimarzios?? haha

blackouts p0wn EMG's, and you could try a lawrence, there fairly cheep.
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