What are some songs to practice alt picking on? starting with easy then working my way up what are some songs?

pull harder on the strings - trivium
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Jump in the fire - Metallica.

Thanks I'm pretty sure that will help..........................................................HEAPS!!! :-)
The interlude on Master of Puppets by Metallica. It's soft and easy.
I'm not sure, you can really practice alt. picking on any songs if you feel it's needed.
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One that helped me a lot is a song by King Crimson called "Frame By Frame", although I used software to slow it down a little bit. There's a pentatonic lick that runs throughout the song, and it's all alternate picking. Maybe not your style of music, but Robert Fripp is a great guitarist and it's memorable...
Achilles Last Stand-Led Zeppelin

It helped me loads.
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It's okay, don't be scarified (lololol punz r funneh). I'm just talking about the intro. Helped me lots. Also, the The Four Horsemen/Mechanix by Metallica/Megadeth also helped.
black metal

the whole genre, pretty much
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Scarified and the intro of Technical Difficulties.
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intro to master of puppets, once you get it you'll have the fundamentals of alt picking
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Constant Motion - Dream Theater. The rhythm guitar.
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Rusty Cooley and Paul Gilbert. Be carful and don't die though. They are killer.
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BYOB by SOAD is basically pure alt picking with no left hand work. Could try that.
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