Hey UG,
Ive pretty much just started to get into some hendrix and Ive been having a bit of trouble getting a similar tone. I use a Vox AD100VT with a Korg multi-effects board.. ive tried using a fuzz, unvibes etc on my pedal board but cant really nail a similar tone.. Also should i use a tweed setting on my amp or more distorted setting.

PS: I know the majority of you are going to say that tone is in your fingers however I'm not talking about the type of tone that comes out of your fingers, I'm talking about tone that comes out of your gear.
Shove it on your neck pickup, and use a Marshall Plexi (preferbly something like a JTM) setting. Get a nice, crunchy tone first, (cause Hendrix, I don't think, used a perfect clean live) and then add some fuzz. When you use the fuzz, put some gain on it, and get a good bit of sustain going.

EDIT: I'll get some settings for it aswell...


Jimi Hendrix of Jimi Hendrix Experience
Gain - 4
Treble - 5
Mid - 5
Bass - 8
Reverb - 5

If that helps.

And also roll the volume off the guitar by 1 or 2, that helps a tad aswell.
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