For those of you who do not know what a Sustainer system is, Try searching YouTube.com for Neal Schon and his Gibson (Custom Shop) Les Paul with a Fernandes Sustainer...

For years I cranked up my Marshall's to get sustain, harmonics, controlled feedback and it was always right at the thresh hold of making me go deaf... This system allows you to have sustain at ANY VOLUME!!!!!

I installed the Sustainiac system in my 74 Les Paul. This required NO ROUTING and the battery fit nicely in the volume/tone cavity. Push Pull Pots control everything. So now, no one can see what mods I've made. Keeps them guessing.. I love it!

I strongly suggest that you get familure with these systems before buying one. The Fernandes System requires you to rount out your favorite guitar... I DONT LIKE THIS!!!! And besides, for years, Fernandes bought there stuff from Sustainiac...

Go to http://www.sustainiac.com
Get in contact with Alan Hoover at Sustainiac. He has all you need for Les Pauls, Strats, and any other guitar you want to hotrod...

I installed my Sustainiac myself. It's not hard if you can soldier neatly, follow a schematic, READ Directions, and be patient!!! DO NOT GET IN A HURRY!!! The wait is worth it!!!

Lord Byron