My band are looking into getting our bassist an overdrive pedal. My knowledge of bass gear is limited, but we're after a really meaty, dirty, grungey sound; common of the effect many three-pieces use to fill out their sound. Can anyone recommend such a stomp box that will deliver the sound we're looking for?

Unfortunately, I know nothing of our bassists rig; I know his amp is a combo, and I believe his pickups are active, but beyond that I can't really provide any useful information.

After a quick search on GAK, I've found the following (at a reasonable price);

Boss ODB3
Digitech XBD Bass Driver
Electro harmonix Bass Big Muff

Boss ODB3, possibly the best pedal I own.

Just a side note, careful when playing live, Bass Overdrive / distortion sounds terrible through DI's and the PA's, same for recording, make sure you mic up the amp.
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The EHX was a massive let down, so I'd avoid that. It is also a fuzz, and you described an overdrive.

The Digitech is versitile, but not great. It also does distortion far better than overdrive.

The Boss is too over the top for me. It has a sound you either love or hate, and I find it too extreme to be of much use in a band situation. It is far closer to a fuzz than an overdrive (the sound you are looking for).

As far as overdrive goes, the best pedal around are the Fulltone Bass Drive and the Sansamp Bass DI. They are far pricier, but as far as proper bass overdrive goes, nothing rivals them. The only thing to split the two apart is are the flavours of overdrive they give. Personally, I would recommend getting the Fulltone. Since I got mine, my OBD-3 has sat in its box, after 20 mins of comparison.
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