hi my brother has a vista laptop and the internet was working fine and it suddenly stopped working (limited or no connectivity). i tried to see what was the problem by repairing the network but an error message occurs every time i try. i looked at the settings and the network discovery is turned off and every time i try to turn it on an error message occurs again it is really annoying. i plugged it directly into our router using an ethernet cable and the internet works fine the only problem is when i take it out it wont work which is pretty damn uber lame. anyone good with computers out there please help!
Have you got a static IP address? If so, try this:

Click on the “Windows” symbol
Click "Control Panel"
Click "Network and Internet"
Click "Network and Sharing Center"
On the left side of the screen, click "Manage Network Connections"
Right-click "Wireless Network Connection" and choose "properties"
Click "Internet Protocol Version 4" and click "properties"
Click "Obtain IP address Automatically".
Click "Obtain DNS automatically".
Click OK (You may need to click OK again after that)
no i am definitely not out of range because i have my xp laptop right next to it with excellent signal

my brother is downloading new antivirus
I'm not on my vista computer because I'm at work on xp... but the first thing you should always try is restarting the computer, because it is microsoft and that often fixes stupid little things like that. I'm going to assume that the computer has been turned on and off at some point, and so you need to go into your firewall settings which you should be able to get to through the control panel and turn on network discovery. Can't tell you exactly how, because I'm on xp...

Also, does wireless work on any other computers in the area? Could be your router flipped out. Try turning it off (and the modem) for 30s and then turning it back on. Hopefully something in there helped...
no i have dynamic i think because when i reset my router it changes ip everytime

EDIT: my wireless connection isnt even discovered i am not sure if the wireless switch (not sure even if he has one) is even on
no my router is working perfectly fine because i am posting this off my other laptop from the same wireless connection