so yeah, my new guitar came today - ibanez sa260fm - and i tuned it perfectly, but then i noticed terrible fret buzz on bottom 3 strings and minor fret buzz on the others

i looked at the action, it was pretty high, higher than my other guitar which has no fret buzz, infact the action is somewhat too high.. but meh, fret buzz is my present concern

so... is it just that the strings are crap and i should replace them, or is it something worse like perhaps a dodgy guitar?

cheers in advance
Get the guitar setup. Tweaking of the truss rod will do it.
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Depending on the string gauge you just might need a simple truss rod adjustment.. Have someone do it who knows what they're doing, though.

tis rather annoying tho.. my first guitar was a squire and it had no problems.. but buy a new ibanez and it's messed up
not cool