sorry i dont have pics still trying to size them to fit this forum i am 45 and 1 month on a computer its great but frustrating.i am trying to get info on a black cort electric guitar i got on ebay for 25 bucks oversized trem rout and coverd in glue with some tlc i brought her back to life everything came off got a bridge in it and it looks great now. its a s shape body with humbker single ,single set up no model numbers anywhere its black with black pup covers.and a nat finish headstock that only says CORT ELECTRIC GUITAR its got to date back to the 80s. the tips of the horns kinda have that sg turn or look to them.i know without pics its asking alot if anyone can identifie the model from that description.just wanted to find a little more about it it ended up with a great low action and a thin fast ibanez feeling neck.i will be very greatful if anyone has any info and i am gonna keep tryin to get these photos shrunk!
photobucket is your friend.

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