Okay infront of me is a floyd rose with all the components ect. I want to put it on my strat to dive bomb only. I hear this isnt too hard to set up!, could anyone give me instructions on what to do and how to get the locking nut on. thanks.
:\, you know how i can go about getting better sustain ect..? new pick ups? if so what kind do you reccomend
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your probably not going to get enough sustain for a good dive bomb

Yes he will, he just needs enough gain. And he's bought it now anyways, so he has to put it on.

I'm sure there is a tutorial on the internet somewhere. TO GOOGLE!

EDIT: It's a SSS isn't it, maybe get some Lace Sensor Reds or something.

MEGAEDIT: Well, here's something I found out about installing a FR in a Strat:

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Right. I've been there, and done this.

It IS possible, and when it works it's AWESOME. But there are some things you need to think through.

First, you're gonna need to do some major routing work on the body, because Floyd Roses are completely different in shape to the standard Strat bridge.

Then you'd need the springs and the new Earth plate, because it's a different dimension.

Then you'd need the new nut fitted, with locking plates.

Then you'd need to set the truss rod up, so the neck doesn't bend like a banana when you tune it.

It's possible, I've done it on 4 guitars, but it's HARD work, involving a lot of effort, a lot of measuring, a lot of specialised equipment... to be honest, take your Strat to a luthier and have him install it. It will cost a fair bit, but not as much as a brand new guitar, because you ruined your Strat.

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humbuckers might add to it. a compressor pedal will. and there might be a youtube video of this
The time for this research would have been before you bought the wammy. And no its not a simple drop in thing. Dont know if a squire will make a good FR guitar the neck on my squire is pretty flexible and dont see how it will stay in tune well.
Super Vee is the only option I know, but it's 230 bucks.
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what kind of strat is it? standard, affinty? bullet!?, VM?
also are you sure you want to do this, dive bomb can be done with vintage tremolo, if its too hard you just need to adjust the springs on the back of the body
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hrmm, i guess. maybe il just sell this on lol. found out i would need to rout the neck to get the locking nuts in ect...