Last night after band practice I was cutting some velcro to put on my new pedalboard. My finger slipped and I cut a big gash in the tip of my left middle finger. We are supposed to play Sunday

Can I use super glue to glue the cut closed? I've heard that the dermal glue used at the doctor's office is the same thing as super glue. I tried to play a little late last night and the string was actually going into the cut, so the cut couldn't be in a worse place.
No, you can't use super glue. Just put a bandaid on it. That's what I do if I get a cut on one of my fingers. Put a bandaid, some Neosporin, and if the pain is a lot, pop a pain killer.
When I get a cut i use New Skin, its like superglue...kinda...it covers your cut and still lets it heal or something. Works great!

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oh dude i had a similiar problem once i put a bandaid and all that **** but to keep the bandaid on your finger without it sweating and falling and ****ing up your sound i putted ducktape round my finger
Sounds nasty.
Something similar happened to me last week, i cut the base of my thumb by accident. Its healing now and it doesnt hurt. Im playing a gig tomorow.

Try using steri strip to keep the wound together to help it heal, avoid playing guitar unless you must, if so then you should probably use a plaster aswell. Try leaving the wound to air as much as possible so that it can heal quicker for the day. Depending on the wound chances are it may not have fully healed but hopefully the pain would be at least gone. well im not sure really, good luck, hopefully you get to play your gig fine.

when i used to bend strings alot, sometimes the nail would shift out from the skin underneath it, leaving an opening causing it to bleed. THen it world hurt like hell especially when the strings went inside the skin under the nail so much that i couldnt play so i put sellotape and it would act as a shield and i could still play fine more or less, You could try that on the day if band aid doesnt work.
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