an amazingly well constructed piece.
great work.
do i detect a classical influence???
not much to crit really. perhaps at times make it a little more .... mmm. aggressive, or sort of jumpy. a bit more sharp, and . cant really put it into words.
but the thing is great.
very very nice
im gonna attempt ta learn it
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Very nice. i love the first tapping part. the theme in the intro is lacking something, and i dont know whether its just the midi sound but that 4-string chord sounds... off. The rest is really good though
hey, thanks for the crit.

I didn't like the start, but the tapping bits really hooked me in. And obviously, writing a solo bass piece must be hard as hell, so congrats on keeping it interesting.

There were bits where the notes sounded offsync, I dunno if that was on purpose or whatever, but some bits just jarred a bit. Overall though, I'm impressed, great job
this is pretty neat, I definitely like it. Some parts don't flow together really well though, and I agree one that whole bass chord sounding choppy, maybe if you held the chord a little longer and started the music in the next bar on the upbeat, it'd give it a good swing and keep the chord from sounding sketchy. But that'd change the whole song, so never mind, it's good the way it is =P
Good job, 9/10 for a bass solo I'd say.
Crit mine? Upbeat jazziness is my latest.
firstly im sure seeing this played is much more impressive then hearing the tab

now the way i was kind of expecting it to flow, roughly halfway through this is what i was feeling, was that after each return to the theme type thing, as it moves into the proceeding "lead" part, is that the "lead" part would be crazier/faster then the lead that proceeded it. so starting with the easiest that you've got, and ending with the hardest.*

"theme" kinda thing = bar 1-8

lead type thing = bar 9-24, bar 31-39, bar 47-50, 60-78, 87-end.

i would think the two handed tapping + sixteenth triplets would be the ending leads, with the slower leads being earlier on.

basically, i think it could sound better if it was rearranged. don't need anything new or need to take anything out, just rearrange it.

by the way, finger picked sixteenth triplets = awesome! thats something i wanna be able to do (and need to for flamenco).

*lead is used in quotes cause its a solo so whole thing is lead really...