Here's the same old story we always tell:

I need to sell one guitar in order to buy a different one. So with that said...

I am selling my Yamaha RGX-TT Ty Tabor signature guitar. This is a green one in excellent condition with only one pencil eraser sized mark on it. The clear plastic is still on the back trem cover, and the guitar is completely stock. Also included is one of those hybrid cases. It is shaped like a hard shell case, but zips up and is more like a hard foam.

The last few I saw on Ebay went for around $450-$475 and that's before shipping w/o case. Mine is $500 and that includes shipping and a case.

1. There is no rust on the saddle screws. The kind of screws are a different color.
2. The bubbling on the back trem cover is the original clear plastic sheet that was
never taken off.