I got MS word and MS Excel off an office Cd a few months ago, and then the code didnt work after i paid for it so i decided i'll just get a crack code, so then im there looking for it, instead i find a way to get it free anyway with no code.

That way was, go to the program files, and edit something which makes teh computer think it was never installed.

Then they found out (MS - and so they shouldve, im glad they got me because it shows they can find out if someone has done it illegaly) and then froze the programs so i cant do stuff on them, like they should, but now i cant unistall it either because its technicly not there haha.

Yes im a complete dumba.s

anyone know what to do?

Nathy xx
Yeah right. Microsoft checks if 1 person uses an illigal copy of Office...
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Yeah right. Microsoft checks if 1 person uses an illigal copy of Office...


No they don't, I have the latest version with no problems and I know for a fact that no data is being sent over my network back to MS.
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Get OpenOffice.


probably your best bet there
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You probably edited something important.

This won't completly remove it, but you could just delete the folder in program files that contains everything the thing your trying to delete. And as said above, OpenOffice works well.

I think you can delete it all somehow from the registry...but I'm not sure on that...