Anyone ever do this? It's a huge online riddle with like 130+ levels. It hurts my brain, due to the fact I'm not a computer geek and can't decipher source code.


The original one was thisisnotpron.com but it got shut down for some reason I don't know of.

But yeah, its a fun game, and I'm sure if anyone in here has ever tried it, they tried it about four years ago, when the game was popular lol. So there we go, try to get as far as you can! I got to level 11 without cheats, level 28 with.

EDIT: Play it using Internet Explorer.
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Damn you, someone posted this a while back, and got addicted, and you had to go get me into it again!
i got to level 20 or 21 a few years ago, with no "cheats".

How the fuck do you "cheat" on a game like this?
lol i can't get past level two can anybody help?
What's level 4?

EDIT: Nevermind.

Level 5?
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Don't ask here, google "not pron level 4" and you'll get an answer. There's many support sites for it.
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