I'm extremely confused. I've just sold a go kart for £300, my BC Rich Slipknot warlock for £140, and other stuff, so i have around £600 to work with. I've picked out some guitars I really like, and obviously haven't played any of them yet, wanted Ug's opinion of which one would be better. I'm looking for a pretty well rounded guitar, something in the general 'rock' area, something from classic Zep and Who to 'Deth and Metallica to modern rock like A7X, RHCP, and so on, a well rounded guitat i what i need. So here are my choices, the links are eBay links, i won't be paying these prices for them though, its the guitar itself i'm after not the price.

Jackson Soloist (SL3) - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Jackson-Pro-S...p3286.m20.l1116

BC Rich Calibre Bich - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-BC-Rich-C...p3286.m63.l1177

Epiphone SG w/ Maestro Tremolo (no pics)

Well, what do you think?
At the moment, I'm mostly torn between the Bich and Soloist, however I HATE the pickup cavities on the Soloist, and i refuse to pay more for the SL2, and plus, I prefer HSS. The Bich just looks go good, and I've heard high end BC Rich's are very good.

Replies would be appreciated.
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The Bich just looks go good

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Yeah, some people don't like the Bich, I've just always liked the shape, and in transparent red with the tram lines, it could be pr0n.
get the bich!! thing looks awesome!

you could be like everyone else with the strat-like body, or you could be carrying around a bich! (pun intended)
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I'd go with the jackson.

or you could get a new DKMG for less than £600 I think
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There is absolutely no way in creation I'd sink £600 into either a BC Rich or an Epi, there are just much better guitars out there for that kind of money. I do, however, like the SL3, it's a really nice guitar that one.


These seem to be rated quite highly as a brand, though my personal experience of them is limited. I include them purely as another option and because clearly you like things I don't, though I can't bring myself to include Dean guitars here.


Again, not my personal choice but has to be better than a BC Rich or Epi at that money.


This is slightly over buget but has to represent a really good guitar


Great quality guitar


This is remarkable value and you'll find a thru neck a dream to play. It's even cheaper if you get the one without the flame maple top.


Another good guitar if you like EMGs

Out of them all I just like Ibanez. I was going to get a Jackson myself but on playing them the Ibanez just felt better. In fact, out of all the guitars here I'd go for exactly the one I've got as it's the cheapest one I've mentioned and without the maple top you could afford to throw in a couple of top drawer pickups as well (as I did).

Of the three you've mentioned I'd undoubtedly go for the SL3 as it's the best guitar there by a considerable margin.
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