i just downloaded a new update for itunes and then restarted my computer and i opened itunes and clicked on my ipod and the tabs for summary music movies etc. all have a pink background. did anyone else's do this or do you know how to fix it or change color
Mine got a sweet green background. Your I-Pod was pwned.
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you downloaded the homo edition
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I hope I get purple!

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there is nothing wrong with pink. be a man and accept the colour
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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It's trying to tell you that your taste in music is gay.

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Minimize it, then open it again. Mine goes black a lot, and that's how I fix it

But seriously, try this.
I ****ing want pink itunes.
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I ****ing want pink itunes.

same man lol
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Minimize it, then open it again. Mine goes black a lot, and that's how I fix it

Once you go black...

I'm gonna download the new iTunes and see what color I get!
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At least you can ****ing download the update. Whenever I try to download any update for iTunes it stops at a certain point and I have to cancel it.
lol at some of the responses. What does it matter if it's pink I doubt many people like iTunes just because of the colour of it, just forget about it and put music on your ipod.