Both around 8-900 bucks. I'm gonna go try both out but if anyone has played them give me some insight into which you think is better. thanks.
Guild DV-4 Acoustic
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This site isn't too friendly toward Tacoma's for some reason or another. Probably because they've never had the wonderful opportunity to play one.

Can't tell you about the Guild, but I can assure you that the tone, timbre and action of the DR14 is the best I've ever heard and felt. It's right up there with a Doyle Dykes Taylor. Mine is all rosewood back and sides with a maple neck. I'm getting a K&K Pure Western from my girlfriend for Christmas to put in it. I also have a DM14 with the LR Baggs Miratone. Also, a very sweet "all maple" guitar.

You can't go wrong with Tacoma's. They were the best acoustics I've ever played.