i play stuff from metal to blues,

i heard there was some amp by laney which sounded like a jcm800? any good?

any other suggestions welcome,

probably wouldnt go over bedroom level but i think 30 watts is perfect probably

not a very big budget (say £500)

Metal to blues is pretty far range. I'd say a Peavey Classic 30 or a Traynor YC could get you from blues to hard rock and maybe classic metal tones with a pedal.

I'm also going to mention that 30 watt tube is far too loud for "just" bedroom levels. 30 watt tube is jam session with a drummer volume; even 15 might be a little much.
Vox valvetronix Ad30VT.

Below your budget aswel. Go for the 50 Watt if you want, its only £250 at most.
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one dream of mine is to play baroque and roll.

i dont quite know what it is, but i assume it involves plenty of harpsichord solos and medieval chanting.