If I am playing the blues I understand in the Key of G I would either play the G minor pentatonic scale or the G minor blues scale. The minor pentatonic scale over major chords will give it a bluesy sound.

What about rock and metal?
In the key of G would I play the G major pentatonic instead of G minor?
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the rythm, timing, and way you play the scale determines what genre you're playing, not the scale itsself


I can take the exact same notes of the scale, over the exact same chord progression and have it sound, bluesy, rocky or metal simply by changing the rhythm and the way I play each note.
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Blues and blues-based rock are as you described. In rock and metal(well the type you'd be playing pentatonic scales in in the first place), yes you would probably play the G major pentatonic as it is more diatonically based music. The (major) blues sound is based on the combination of major and minor tonalities and is something of an anomaly.