I have been in the market for a cheap, low end laptop lately. I Just finished building a really good PC (Q6600,IP35pro,lianli case, 4gb, 8800GTs, 150gb raptor,500gb WD caviar, dual screens, etc.) and I want something that I can take around with me for EMulators, music, wifi what ever.

I was looking around and finally settled on the Asus eee pc 900 ($399.00 out the door- specs here ). Its due to be shipped on 8/4/08. My father works for the local school district, and has access to lots of used laptops so i asked him if he had any lying around that he could give to me for free that i could upgrade, or rebuild. He told me no about two days ago, so I ordered the eee pc 900.

Today, he tells me he has a Dell latitude (unknown year, but less than 3 years old) That needs a hard drive that I can have. It will need that, plus an Operating system AT LEAST. It might need more Ram, and wireless card but im not sure.

The situation im in, is whether or not to spend about $100.00 to $150.00 upgrading the Dell (and putting linux on it for free :p never used linux before though, so im not sure) and returning the EEE pc for a full refund, or, Keeping the brand new eee PC and keeping the dell around for parts.


Pros- cheap (100.00-150.00)
Will most likely have better specs for price

Cons- used (old)
Might have slower overall processor

eee Pc 900

Pros- Brand new
Very small and portable
linux installed
great reviews!

Cons- LInux (dont know how to use it)
Price- (i would like to save money if possible)

sooooooooooooooo..... what does the pit think i should do?
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Quote by LinkManDX
Get the Dell.
Install Ubuntu.
Learn Linux (Not that difficult at all).

Thanks for the input. Any tips on installing linux on a new machine? any links etc. would be helpful.
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for Linux
Although I disagree with LinkMan, Linux isn't exactly that easy
Linux really hates me...x.x