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Both the same
5 15%
Voters: 34.
Metallica or Megadeth? Personally, i think Metallica own but which do you prefer? if there has been a thread like this before, i apologise but i couldnt find one
Look at the megadeth logo. it is obvious it has been taken off the metallica one
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well if you take away from all the songs Dave created for Metallica,
and compare Metallica and Megadeth...
Megadeth easily wins.
and if you look at how Metallica sold out
while Megadeth pretty much stayed to their roots.
Megadeth wins.
Megadeth is clearly the best.
Megadeth is so much better than Metallica. Megadeth didn't sell out.
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Megadeth is so much better than Metallica. Megadeth didn't sell out.
Yes, they did.
Well Megadeth don't realy sound like Metallica to me, I think Megadeth have a warmer sound and are more consistent overall, whilst Metallica do have some "epic" songs such as Master Of Pupptets.
Also, I wouldn't realy accuse anyone of "Selling out" as they are simply moving in more interesting directions wouldn't it be boring if they just kept doing "ride the lightning"? Same with Megadeth they had the first 3 albums which were more "Pure" thrash and then matured with countdown to extinction and youthanasia, so Metallica and Megadeth have both shared similar musical journeys
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How about neither?

Megadeth are clearly the better choice.

Metallica are way too boring.

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you know im amazingly shocked to find that thus thread hasn't been closed yet! i mean wow! versus threads are a big no no and plus you're comparing those two big bands. i mean wow lol
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well.. after the black album megadeth got better than metallica in my opinion.. but megadeth have never released an album as good as master of the puppets, so i vote metallica
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megadeth are awful
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I'm suprised the guy from January 2006 doesn't know the metal forum rules yet...

i only really go on the pit and even then i hardly ever do that. i just wanted to know who prefers what because loads of people are like 'megadeth are way better than metallica' or 'dave mustaine is copying metallica'. i wanted a decent sample
i like em both but i just prefer megadeth.
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Megadeth. But i dont have anything against metallica, im a big fan of kill'em all.