Hey I have never recorded through a computer before. I am good with computers, but looking around, I have a list of quesions

1. DAW- whats that?

2. Difference between native and pro-tools

3. Which software is good- price isn't too important?

4. What is Waves?
1 - DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation, basically a fast computer used to run software and hardware which you work on when recording, mixing, and mastering.

2 - ProTools is a higher end software which you need to run with proper hardware for it to work. I suggest staying away from it if you are new to recording.

3 - Audacity works good but depending on what you plan on recording and doing in the studio should lead you into what software you should choose. I do a lot of MIDI and audio work so I run Cakewalk Sonar in my studio.

4 - Waves...you probably are talking about .wav files which are like mp3s however they are not as compressed and most audio sequencers (programs) work with this file format.

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x2 on what Moody said. I'd actually go for software meant more for multi-track than start out with Audacity, so I'd aim for KRISTAL. It's also free. You can then master with Audacity.

And waves could refer to this company, which produces professional quality plugins that aim for digital clarity and precision rather than analog sound (that's more Universal Audio). The prices of their plugins range from appendix to leg.
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2. Native and ProTools are two different things, but I know where you're going with this. Native processing refers to when you use reverb or whatever, when the processing is done by the computer's processor. This is the 'norm' for most software applications, including the ProTools versions that most people use at home.

If you are lucky, and have a lot of money, you'll have a ProTools HD or TDM system. IN this system, the effects processing is not done natively. It is done by a separate card (or cards) that contain the plugins and use their own processing chip so as to reduce strain on the computer's processor, allow it to do more things faster.

4. Since you're talking about Native and stuff... another possible answer is that you are asking about Waves. Waves is a highly-respected audio processing design company that creates plugins that run both natively and off their own hardware DSP processors. www.waves.com.

You can run other software using DSP processing, similar in concept to a ProTools HD system using something like any of these DSP cards: http://www.zzounds.com/cat--DSP-Cards--2428

The UAD ones are fantastic. But expensive....

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