Im trying to learn guitar slide, but I dont have the time to go out and buy one right now. I also dont have any bottles i can smash and use there necks. I dont have a glass cutter either.

I have tried the spoon in the mouth trick but that is akward an takes long to master

So what is there that I can use for now until i buy one?.
A lighter and an elastic band.
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a zippo lighter works pretty well
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Yeah, listen to what the first poster said. I don't own a slide, but I use the lipstick cap. Just take the cap off some lipstick until you find one that can reach all six strings and fits your fingers well. It's really...convenient. But the only song I use a slide in is Freebird, so I don't know how to do slide guitar. Well, try it out anyways, 'cause really good slide guitarist use this to improvise when they really, really need it.
I use my weiner.

I have massive callouses on it
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if i use the top off my lipstick, wont it dry out?

oh hang on... i dont use lipstick!
Thank you please.