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i'm trying to record **** but i cant find a cheap USB mike. Anyone know where to get one?
Isn't it spelt 'mic'? As in 'microphone'??

Haha, I was thinking of a guy named Mike. You did put the capital 'M' and everything thought...
If you have Rock Band, you can use that mic. I use a 360 mic to record, only cost me $30. The problem is, you have to be really close to the mic for it to pick up the sound. What I do is put the mic next to my amp (I have an acoustic/electric) and record stuff that way, then I sing over them and edit the tracks together. I use Multiquence (you can download the free trial at Goldwave.com) for editing and such. It works very well.

I'm not saying you have to do this, but it works for me. I hope I helped.
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