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A pick, mainly for guitar playing.

But can be used for allot of other stuff aswell

Screw driver
letter opener

So, what are your uses for a pick?

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Dutch Power!!

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butt scratcheerrrrrrrr
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
eye patch.
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To flick at objects with friends, and whoever gets their pic closest wins. Kinda like bowls..

And yeah, me and alot of my friends carry a plectrum on us. I nearly always have one in my wallet...
Chew toy
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opening locks

I used a pick to open locks before. One time I broke into my friend's house. I was sitting his room and playing his acoustic when he came back. His face expression was priceless.
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Of The

UG Challenge

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butt scratcheerrrrrrrr

Ahhh, beat me to it.
me and my picks play "hide and seek"...... but i fail ...they usually win..
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bottle opener
sand spur remover
fake teeth, i would love to have dentures made of guitar picks.. that would be sweet
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Frustration device (I lose my fav pick and I flip out)
Book marker
shoe-horn for midgets
Stabbing friends (play metal, fast, with both sides to get edge)
Nail cleaner
CD opener
Spark plug spacer (works with dunlop medium pick, 72' Datsun 510 w/ L16 motor)

I'm out, I'm going to go play with my pick now
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Quote by Fassa Albrecht
You play bass with a pick?

real bassists use their thumb and slap


You can pick your nostrels with them.
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Hey everyone, SMOKE WEED!

It's raining blood from a lacerated sky.

my old sig summed this up

he used his to pick his atheletes foot
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throw them at people
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I use guitar picks to slice cheese.
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I use them for fiber. My colons clock shorted out long ago.
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My friend used it for his mouth... my pick
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Likes to play thread games, also!


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I always put it in my mouth when i'm not playing/when i stop playing for a few seconds so i'm gonna say, a suubsitute for smoking.
i play bass wit itz
Tongue Scratcher
Opening locks
Ice Cream Scooper
Scratch my back
I'll lay waiting, just waiting for my time to come
Quote by Fassa Albrecht
You play bass with a pick?

real bassists use their thumb and slap


You have 4 fingers but only 1 pick.
Quote by Fassa Albrecht
You play bass with a pick?

real bassists use their thumb and slap

Real bassists use their pen0r. But, Fassa, seeing as you're a girl, this doesn't apply for you.

Seriously, look at Chris Squire. The man's a genious with a pick.

Edit: My pick's a lethal weapon.
Quote by Fassa Albrecht
You play bass with a pick?

real bassists use their thumb and slap

lol i play bass w/ a pick
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