excuse the language, But i know chords A, Am, G, C, D, Dm, E, Em and i wanted to know how to play a song. this sounds incredibly stupid, I know, but when I was reading the Viva La Vida chords in the top 100, How do i know how many times to strum, how to strum, how many times to play that chord, switch chords, etc. Ive got this prob with all chord songs, but Im fine with tab. Im planning on learning some guitar theory in a few months, but I dont even know how to play songs with chords properly yet! ive had a look on youtube and people are using the same chords I am but when they play it is actually sounds like the song their playing. when I play, ive heard better sounds exit my arse.
Just gotta listen to 'em. I was just working on viva la vida. My actual issue is getting used to the shifts (It just takes time). You just gotta know the song
1) Listen to the song.

2) Most tabs have the lyrics to the song and the chords put above them. That's when you know when to change/play the chords.

Hope that helps..
That song requires one of these (a capo):

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ive got 2 capos. But i dont have aguitar teacher, so its hard. and even when I strum a chord, it sound nothing like the song compared to other people doing it
Preachin to the choir man. I've never had a teacher. It's really tough.

Make sure when you play each chord that not only do you strum all the strings in the chord but each fretted note rings. If your index finger is accidentally barring a couple strings that are supposed to be open or something, they won't ring like they're supposed to. Another thing to keep in mind is thumb placement. The general rule when you're starting out and playing chords is to have your thumb in the middle of the neck. That gives you the reach to fret the notes for chords.
“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

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the thing is, I wouldnt mind If all I was doing is playing songs for fun, but Im not. One of my friend's plays tab just for fun and its nothing serious, but I want to eventually start writing songs and stuff so thats why I wanna learn properly.
I had the same problem when i started with chords. It sounds hard but you have to listen for the changes and the strumming patterns. It gets easier and easier as time goes by though so dont feel bad just listen carefully. Your ears are you best friend when it comes to strumming along when you only have the chords.
Try listening to your favorite songs and singing, or at least thinking about, the motion of the chords. If you can hear when the chord changes, and know which chord it is, then you're well on your way to getting better with it.
The first time you play something, only strum each chord once. Listen for each chord change, and strum that chord once, and again at the next chord change. Sing the entire song while doing this. That way you do know exactly which syllable to change chords on.

Then work on the strumming pattern(listen closely!!) and put everything together.
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If you can't even play a song after 1 week then you are totally stupid. You can't play. Give Up. Cause the man is just going to ruin it for you... sure you can try to beat the man, but he's going to come back and bite you in the ass every time.

For short:

It's okay dude. Just practise. I remember when I started, I was scared of chords haha but yeah it does get easier so don't worry too much =)

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