this is only for future reference. what is generally considered as a really good, cheap, versatile, multi effects pedal?

i looked at the Digitech but apparantly it is really complicated? w/e i just want your opinion on a really good one.
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Quote by mikepark89
Boss ME-50

agreed, either Boss ME-50, or a Digitech rp series, recommend 250 or up
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+1 for the ME-50 for cheap.

If you want to spend a little bit more money, go with the GT10
on the me-50..if im running it thru the effects loop of a 6505 i just do send-->input-->line out(mono)--->return?
Yamaha Magicstomp is my #1 choice. It's got great tones once you tweak it a little. (look for them on ebay, you can get them for $150 I believe)
Boss GT10 is a little high in price but well worth it IMO however the GT8 is good as well to power your price $100.