Peavey 5150, great amp for metal or hard rock, my tones are leaning more towards cleaner tones now, so this is going. Reverb does not work, was told it was an easy fix, I just didn't want to have to wait to order a part. Would prefer not to ship, but if I do, you pay shipping. Let me know where you are and we can work something out. More pictures available. $600 plus shipping

Fender Floyd Rose Strat, MIM. Great playing strat, I just don't use the Floyd enough to justify keeping it. More pictures available. $400 plus shipping

Keeley Blues Driver, great pedal, I just recently got a RXES and that's got a footswitchable boost, which is what I was using the BD-2 for. Great condition. $125 shipped

Next is a MXR CAE Boost/Overdrive. Great sounding pedal, recently got a Zendrive, so this has to go. From what I understand Slash is using this pedal on tour. With box and papers, mint condition. $115 shipped

Also a Roger Mayer Voodoo Axe fuzz. It's a silicon fuzz and I'm looking for a germanium fuzz nowadays. Old style box that is smaller than current version. $180 shipped

Seymour Duncan Paranormal Bass Direct Box. This pedal has an EQ and slap contour for bass. Usable to have two outputs, one to amp and one to board, or just one or the other. Got this for a gig I thought I had, but it fell through before I got to use it. NIB. $120 shipped

Also have some Fender MIM standard pups, a Tele set and a neck and middle for a Strat. Good length on leads. $15/each
weird, my reverb doesn't work on my 5150 either..
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weird, my reverb doesn't work on my 5150 either..

Yeah, I called Peavey about it and they said that it's some cap or something. I took it to a tech and he said that he's seen this happen a lot and it's not a big deal to fix.
would you take a normal MIM strat with an American pic guard and a hummer in the bride for the strat?
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SuperSamuraiGuy, I sent you a PM, please reply.

Bostonrocks, I'm not interested in trading for a MIM strat at this time.
Yeah, $15 each, that includes shipping. If you buy all of them, I'll sell for $50 shipped.
thats a good price.
If they do not sell for a couple of weeks or so, when i get the money i might buy them off you.
(don't hold them for me though)
115 shipped to TX for the BD-2?

PM me if interested.
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guitarcam123, they might be going on eBay soon, so you might want to act fast if you want them.

Sam, I sent you a PM.
SuperSamuraiGuy, you can come pick up the 5150 if you still want it.
Everything still available. Nobody answers PMs around here.

Make a reasonable offer.
I am very interested in your strat, I will swap my bass for it?

Check my trade thread for more info on it, it is very pretty.
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Not really looking for a bass right now. Mostly cash offers are what I'm after.
Sorry it took so long to reply, I was trying out amps and bought one, so I don't have the money for the 5150.
the BD-2 still availible?
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Hell yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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Sorry, the BD-2 is sold. I put it in a reply, but since we can't edit, I can't change the first post.