How do the SE series guitars compare to the regular guitars (ie. Custom 22 / 24).

I mean I know they are obviously cheaper versions, but do they play simular just with cheaper pickups (the real questions there would prob be can they sound/play close with a pickup replacement)?

Are the Customs that much better to were its worth it to save and go for it?

nowhere near as good. basically.

what's your budget, and what country are you in (will affect prices)?
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I currently own a cherry sunburst PRS SE custom w/ trem and I love it. It's super light and looks sexy as hell, trust me when I say that pictures in magazines and online don't do it justice.

In my opinion I don't think you can do much better in its price range. Obviously it won't match the sound/material quality of high end Paul Reeds but thats to be expected considering those are 4 times the price.

The stock pickups are ok but I'm going to replace them soon. I haven't decided on which ones yet. Keep in mind that higher end PRS's have arch tops, locking tuners, bird inlays and other smaller details that raise the price but don't necessarily affect sound quality. That said, replacing the stock pickups will make it sound almost as good at a fraction of the price but it still won't look as pretty