Hey guys!

Up for sale is a brand new 8 GB Ipod touch. Got it free after rebate when I bought my sister a macbook, but I've decided that I'm just going to stay with my trusty ancient Ipod. I don't need all the bells and whistles of this thing

So, comes to you as new, with all cables, papers, etc.

$260 Shipped and Paypalled.

PM me with any interest of offers.

I'll have a picture up a little later after my camera charges.

Dude you can buy them for much cheaper than that!

Sorry just though you should know.
Quote by shredder43
You can get a refurbed for 200 bucks. Almost the same thing

Key word being almost. Refurbed is a used product, someone sends in a unit, and it takes too much time to have it fixed, so Apple just sends out a new one. They fix the old one (which may or may not have scratches, dings, etc.) and sell it as refurbed.

This is a brand new, mint product, not refurbed.