This is a rough take of something I've been working on for a couple days. Its not perfect and there are some mistakes but the feel of the song I think is there. I stumbled onto the melody and I've tried to string a nice rockin feel to it. Playin like this reminds me of driving the open road, so I just called it that.

It's recorded on my electric guitar only, I used an amplitube 2 preset and that was it. No editing, no drums, no bass, just a song idea.

So let me know what you think and if you want a crit back I'll gladly check yours out.

That is wicked chord progression, get some nice chugging distortion with well nice drum track synced bass drum and I reckon it would sound pretty cool. Weirdly enough this (Coheed and Cambria - Radio bye bye - just after the synthy start) song came into my head when I was trying to imagine what your song would sound like if it was played how I described it.

You might not be going for that though.

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Hey man,
I really dig the riff. It sounds really cool. However, it doesn't feel like im driving. More like I'm subzero in mortal combat and I'm about to freeze that ****ing guy with the mushroom hat. You know what I am talking about. I hate that guy.

Anyways, the song is really cool. Its got some type of eastern - Indian, egyptian- or something else vibe and its really good. A little better tone with some cool bass, it would be an awesome song. Keep me updated on its progress, I wanna hear a finished song here.

crit me?
Maybe you haven't driven a turbo supra? hahaha I guess you'd have to understand how I drive. But hey if it fits mortal kombat that's almost better lol. And yea, I'll crit ya.

delcypher you got a crit too
haha its all good man just a joke

but yeah im 23 and I think ive gotten over a dozen speeding tickets =[