Heres a song I wrote called bleach blonde, its got some cool chords so I really like the feel of it. Id like to do it with a bass someday, but I guess that isnt today.

If you could tell me what you thought about it, and what you thought the song meant (Im excited to hear how wrong/right people will be)...I just want to see if I got my point across
Ill c4c anybody!

Haha, I had to laugh at the end there. Very well played dude, and you sing well too. Great rhythm on the acoustic there, and the chords you use work nicely. Me personally, you might also say I have a bit of a vendetta against certain blondes, so I'm just gonna assume you are being mostly literal. Maybe you've been burned before and you can't get one out of your head. I don't really know, just a guess, but that's my take.

If its a hidden meaning, i really didn't try to look for it, i was just listening lol.

great song and keep playin/recording!
Haha! Thanks man. Thats a cool interpretation. I guess I won't say what I really mean, it's cool to let people think whatever they want. I just wanted to make sure people didn't think the song was about not getting girls? If you only listened to the first minute I could see that being the impression.